Our detective agency takes over investigations and observations of all kinds.

We are specialists for investigations in the fields of

  • Economic crime
  • Economic espionage
  • Financial crime
  • Employment matters
  • Procurement of court usable evidence for lawyers and their clients
  • Damage assessments
  • Insurance fraud
  • Prevention of stalking activities
  • Detection of rent dodgers

We also assist our clients in recovering stolen vehicles and construction machinery, especially in the CIS countries.

We are well connected worldwide. Our investigators perform investigation not only nationwide but throughout the world. Our local staff guarantees a fast and efficient solution to your problem. We provide all the necessary information on physical and corporations. We preserve evidence and document, where necessary, with photo and film shots that stand up in court.

Our competence and professionalism guarantee discreet and careful investigations. no matter what area you need help!

We provide reconnaissance, absolutely reliable!